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Submitted by ron on Fri, 05/25/2018 - 07:19


Congratulations to our players who placed in the top 25 nationwide in the following ACBL races:  Mini-McKinney:  Gary Boyers 24th (50-100mp);  Jonathan Fleischmann 18th (5,000-7,500mp)

Online points:  Mary Smith 16th

LIFE MASTER MILESTONES:  Brenda Jaffe (Platinum, 10,000 mps.), Tom Bonfils (New Life Master); Allan Tushman (Sapphire, 3,500mps); Kathy Twomey (Ruby, 1,500 mps) and Paul Stunkel (Bronze, 500 mps). 

Happy 100th birthday to former Connection player Myra Pasman who now resides in Arizona.