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Submitted by ron on Fri, 05/25/2018 - 07:19

IN MEMORIAM:  Leonard Brose and Leonard Posner

Club Appreciation Weeks:  Mon. Oct. 7 - Sat. Oct. 12 AND Mon. Oct. 21 - Sat. Oct. 26; all games will award considerably higher masterpoints; regular entry fee.

Sectional Tournament at Clubs:  All games Oct. 14-19; silver points.

Motor City Regional:  New Dates:  Mon. Oct. 28 - Sunday Nov. 3.  Closed for all games.

Club Championships:  Monday Nov. 4 - Sat. Nov. 9.  Higher masterpoints for overall finishers; regular entry fee.

Sectional at the Bridge Connection:  Nov. 14-17; closed for all club games.

Thanksgiving:  Closed Thursday Nov. 28; open for all regular games other days that weekend.

Chirstmas/New Year's:  Closed on both days.


1.  Partner has the J, 9; declarer A, 7 (A/K/7 in total)

2.  Partner has Q, 10; declarer has the 8

3.  Partner has J, 3; declarer K, 7 (East opened 1 diamond so should have 3).