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Submitted by ron on Fri, 05/25/2018 - 07:19

The Summer, 2018 Club Newsletter is now available in the club and on-line at the District 12 web site.  The Fall issue will be published immediately after the Motor City Regional.

REMINDER:  Percentages and travelers on the Bridgemates have been turned off permanently.

Club Appreciation Week (corrected dates: Mon. Oct. 22 - Sat. Oct. 27):  All games - triple masterpoint awards - regular entry fee.  Our way of say thanks for your patronage.

STaCs (Sectional Tournament at Clubs) - All games Mon. Oct. 29 - Sat. Nov. 4.  Open pairs.  All points are SILVER.  Your only opportunity to earn silver points at a club.

Sectional at the Bridge Connection (Th. Nov. 15 - Sun. Nov. 18):  Closed for all games.

Thanksgiving: Closed Thursday Nov. 22; open for all other games.

Club Championships (Mon. 12/3 - Sat. 12/8):  All games.  igher masterpoint awards for overall finishers in each stratum.

ACBL-wide International Fund Game (Mon. Dec. 17, noon).

Christmas/New Years: Closed Mon. eve. 12/24 & 12/31.  Closed Tuesday 12/25 & 1/1

ACBL Membership Games: Anyone can play but you AND your partner must be paid-up ACBL members to earn masterpoints.  Mon. 11/5a, 11/12e; Tues. 11/13, Wed. 11/7e; Th. 11/8; Fri. 11/30a, 11/30e.  Triple masterpoint awards; regular entry fee.